Solutions for Athletes

June 8, 2015


Existing pulse clocks today do not adequately respond to the needs of athletes. They either measure vital signs inaccurately because of a person’s movement. Or they provide accurate measurements but in an uncomfortable manner that limits physical activity such as waist belts. And even when accurate measurements are provided, they only assess some of the vital signs.

The Mykeeper solution is comprehensive. It provides reliable measurements during movement in a non-intrusive manner such as a watch or a patch – enabling not only physical activity but even activity in water. It measures saturation, pulse, temperature and perspiration at the same time and sends immediate warning signal upon suspected dehydration, heat or heart attacks.

Smartphones and Smart Clocks

Our technology allows smart clocks to be our personal guards, and to save lives in emergency situations. Integrating the technology with the smart clock provides a constant monitoring of the consciousness, breathing and pulse of the User. In case of emergency, the watch will broadcast a distress signal with the life signs of the User to an emergency hub, allowing medical care in an emergency that wouldn’t be possible if there wasn’t an automatic warning. Moreover, the watch can gather vital information for the User’s medical file