Solutions for Institutions

June 8, 2015


Hospitals face an ever-increasing challenge today: they need to provide improving healthcare with severely limited funding. To meet this challenge, hospitals require a revolution in the field. Biobeat solutions enable the constant and precise monitoring of All patients while keeping equipment costs low and reducing the workload of hospital staff. Every patient wears a Biobeat device and is safely monitored in a non-intrusive way. The device can be delivered in the form of a bracelet, a watch, a patch; to name just a few options. With any sign of abnormal symptoms, a warning message is sent immediately to the information center. The location detection feature of the Biobeat product enables the quick location even of a patient that has left their bed or room.

Nursing Homes/Assisted Living Facilities

There is currently no solution that allows for the passive monitoring of residents in assisted living facilities. Existing solutions determine the resident’s condition only by monitoring their environment. Biobeat solutions monitor the resident’s physical condition directly at every moment and send immediate warning messages in case of abnormal life signs. Combining this information with the product’s location detection capability allows for more effective rescue efforts in case of an emergency.

Mental Health Institutions

In mental health institutions like in hospitals, it is difficult to monitor patients visually and constantly. Biobeat solutions monitor every patient passively and warn of changes in life signs. Early warning signs of emergency medical conditions as well as these of suspected suicide attempts are sent immediately to an institution’s information center. Together with the product’s location detection feature, it can increase the chances of successful rescue efforts and decide upon the life and death of a patient.


The importance of privacy prevents the constant visual monitoring of prisoners, making supervision and suicide prevention a challenge. Biobeat solutions monitor every prisoner passively and warn of changes in life signs. It can be used to provide early warnings of suicide attempts or emergency medical conditions. The product’s location detection feature is even more critical in circumstances, where prisoners try to hide their suicide endeavors.